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 Track Driver

Available in Drop Hammer or Next Generation Style
with a 16" or 24" slide out option!



  • Available in Drop Hammer or Next Generation Style

  • Weight-5260 lbs. add 600 lbs for Next Generation Head

  • Hammer Weight-750 lbs.(DH)

  • Max Post Length-up to 14' with optional adjustable head (DH) up to 12' with optional adjustable head (NG)

  • 15 Degree Front to Back Tilt

  • 30 Degree Right to Left Tilt

  • 84"Stroke

  • Slide to Post Feature-In and Out 16" to Post or a 24" option

  • Vanguard 37 HP Fuel Injected Motor

  • 11"x6' Chermack Machine Inc. Rubber Track System

  • Post Rack for Storage

  • Optional Wire Dispenser Attachment Available for Woven or Multiple Strands

Track Driver


Front to Back Tilt


Right to Left Tilt


Optional Accessories:

Adjustable Head

Pilot Auger

Square Post Adapters

Guard Rail Adapter

Spinning Jenny

See it in action!

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